Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas pictures

We had a really awesome time in Dallas for Christmas. It was great to see Hubby's family and relax--plus, Stu's dad gave us a digital camera for Christmas. We love it! Now I can put many more pictures up. Yay!

On Christmas day, Stu's relatives came over for dinner and fun. Here are some pictures from the party . . .

Stu and me

Me, Peyton (my sis-in-law), and Christine (Stu and Peyton's cousin)

Stu's Aunt LeAnn and cousin Olivia

Group picture!

The Booth Clan: Me, Stu, Peyton, Bobby (my father-in-law), Terrie (Stu's stepmom), and Clint (Stu's stepbrother)

Now that we have a camera, I should be able to put up many, many more pictures. Be prepared. I may get camera-happy!


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