Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Seven 7s

Okay. I don't know if Ashley means this Beth, but I figured I'd go ahead and do it anyway. So here goes . . .

Seven things I hope to do before I die:

1. Learn to live more like Christ
2. Have kids and raise a family
3. Be fluent in German
4. Travel all through Europe--including Australia ;-)
5. Make many more meaningful friendships
6. Have a garden I can be proud of
7. Finish all the quilts I promised to make

Seven things I cannot do well:
1. Sing
2. Dance
3. Drive (Poor Hubby!)
4. Be diligent about cleaning
5. Crossword puzzles
6. Make conversation with strangers
7. These silly quizzes

Seven things that attract me to my husband:
1. He's eternally patient with me
2. He's really cute!
3. He's always encouraging me
4. He's responsible and supportive
5. He knows when to say "sorry"
6. He has a great sense of humor
7. He makes me want to be a better person

Seven things I say often:
1. You goober! (To my husband)
2. Hello, my name is Elisabeth Booth and I work with your doctor and several other doctors here in the clinic . . . (to my patients)
3. Houston drivers are so stupid! (After getting cut off by one)
4. I need more flowers for the balcony (when the others die)
5. I don't wanna get outta bed
6. I love you, Stu!
7. Um . . . I don't know

Seven authors, books, or series I love:
1. Hamlet
2. The Zion Covenant series by Bodie Thoene
3. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
4. Macbeth
5. Pretty much any Shakespeare play
6. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
7. My crockpot cookbook (I love trying new recipes!)

Seven movies I watch over and over again:
1. Pirates of the Caribbean
2. Finding Neverland
3. Star Wars (the original trilogy)
4. The Lord of the Rings
5. Chicago
6. Shrek
7. Cinderella (the Disney cartoon)

Seven people I want to do this (if you don't have a blog, then e-mail me):
1. Sarah
2. Ariel
3. Julie
4. Lauren
5. Kristy
6. Ruth
7. Carla


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