Friday, December 30, 2005

on missing Atlanta

I've definitely been surprised by how much I miss Atlanta. Of course I miss my family and friends the most, but lately I've been missing other things too. I've started reading the AJC online--it's not quite the same as the normal paper, but it'll do (Not that the AJC is a super great newspaper, it's just nostalgic to me). I remember in high school I would check every Saturday to see if McEachern High School won another football game. I remember looking to see what concerts were coming up. I remember saving comics to send to a friend in Peru. And I remember reading the Home & Garden section to learn more about flower bulbs.

Not only that, but I miss the Atlanta radio stations. I remember listening for my favorite song over and over and over again. I remember when Sarah and Carla and I stayed up all night, calling the station to get a shout out in (and our favorite song requested). I guess these stations were like the soundtrack to my childhood (mostly my teen years).

I never thought about missing little things until I moved to Houston. Houston just isn't the same. I'm glad to be here, but one day I hope to get back to Atlanta and enjoy all the things I now miss.


At 7:00 AM, Blogger Ashley said...

I definitely know what you mean!! Of course, I didn't spend my whole life here, but I know what it's like to miss a place. You miss the familiarity, the things that remind you of when you were younger... That's why getting back to Atlanta was a huge priority for me when I graduated from college. I hope you move back here someday, too. :-) Oh, and thank you for the comics. ;-)


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