Saturday, March 04, 2006

Small disappointment

Today was another absolutely gorgeous day! Once again the high got into the mid-70s. It was great to wear short sleeves and not be cold! Hubby and I walked part of the way over to the Houston Museum of Natural Science (the other part we took the rail.) We walked through Hermann Park, so it was a great stroll and we got to see the azaleas and redbuds blooming.

When we got to the museum, we noticed that it look like a wedding reception on the side with catered food and a band under really big white tents. We didn't think anything of it until we got to the museum entrance, when we saw a sign saying that the whole thing was closed for the rest of the day! It was quite a disappointment. I guess someone was rich enough to rent the whole place out! There is a new exhibit Hubby and I really want to see, but I guess we'll have to wait for another day.


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