Sunday, April 23, 2006


I'm glad Hubby is such a good driver--cuz some people just aren't.

Yesterday Hubby and I were going to the grocery store to pick up some ice cream (Yummy!) and on the way we were cut off by this really oblivious driver. The girl turned right in front of us--she even reved up so much she screeched her wheels when she realized we were right there so she could speed up.

Later, we were turning into Randall's. The parking lot is set up so that there are three entrances along the main road, and at each of these entrances in the parking lot there are stop signs for opposing traffic to stop and brake for people entering the lot. (Whew--run on sentence.) We turned in the second entrance. As we were pulling in, a car went right through the stop sign and almost T-boned us. It was a teenage girl on the phone. Fortunately we missed and the car passed us.

Hubby then looks at me and says, "That was the same person that pulled in front of us 5 minutes ago."


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