Sunday, January 29, 2006

Why I like vintage clothes

I had so much fun vintage shopping today. Most of the stuff from the 40s and 50s were way to costumey, but it was fun to try on stuff all the same. I saw hats covered in feathers, 50s poodles skirts, and prom dresses from this era. So much fun! Unfortunately, I saw nothing like The Dress That Got Away (See "How much is too much?") I love the clothes from this time period. Dresses from this period, especially the 40s, are so figure flattering. I tried on a suit, and it actually made me look curvy! (It was a little pricey and not a good color on me, though.) I want to start a vintage clothing collection and pair them with my modern clothes. I think it will be a really unique look--sometimes I get bored looking like everyone else.

The Dress That Got Away (with its original owner)--I'm looking for one just like it. It's like a treasure hunt!


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