Saturday, February 04, 2006

My parents bought a house

I just talked to my brother a few minutes ago. I wanted to talk to my mom, but apparently she's out shopping to buy tile for, as Tom would put it, his house.

That's right. My parents bought a house a couple of weeks ago. My brother and Julie plan on moving in once it's renovated. My parents plan on moving there once Lauren finishes with high school (in about 3 years.) It's really exciting. I can't wait to see it. I have no idea what it looks like, but it's an older home that's a few blocks from the Marietta Square. My parents tell me that it has several bedrooms and a great room for entertaining. They said they plan on putting a pool table in there. There are two huge old pecan trees on the property--my dad said the land was originally a pecan orchard.

Anyway, I hope Julie and Tom have fun. Who knows what 2 college-aged kids can do when left to there own devices without parental control. Hopefully they don't destroy the place! ;-)


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