Monday, June 12, 2006

Weddings, Reconnections, and the Search for the Perfect Chicken

What a busy weekend! Here's the summary:

Hubby and I were back in Dallas for a wedding for a family friend of his. It was such fun--the wedding was absolutely stunning, and it was great to see Hubby's family. We got to hang out with Stu's mom and sister most of the time, and his dad flew in on Sunday evening and took us out for dinner. It was great to see all of them! We felt a bit like weddding crashers, although we were invited. At the reception, Hubby and I waited for food, then left after we had had our fill at the magnificent buffet. Unfortunately, we forgot the camera, but maybe next time I'll be ready with pictures.

On Sunday afternoon, Hubby and I wanted to go to Bubba's, a local restaurant with the most amazing chicken, biscuits, and gravy I have ever had in my life. However, for some reason Hubby got lost in his own hometown, so we were tracing back and forth trying to locate the joint. Turns out we were on the wrong road all along. At least I got a nice tour of Highland Park and University Place, 2 districts in north Dallas.

It was definitely worth the tummyache to eat all that wonderfully fattening food.

Today at work I got an e-mail from Covenant about a new site that connects all the Covenant alum. I'm really ecstatic about it, since I've always regretted not keeping up with all my Covenant friends. Now I've got a second chance! The site includes a place to post pictures, e-mail friends, etc, to connect or reconnect as the case may be. I'm very excite to talk again with my old friends!


At 6:08 AM, Blogger Ashley said...

I think you only go to Dallas for weddings. ;-)


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