Monday, May 15, 2006


Even though Alabama is so close to home (only a quick drive to the border from Atlanta) I can say that I've only truly visited the state once or twice. My time in Alabama, however, was probably one of the most life-changing I've had in my lifetime--for it was in Alabama where I got to know my best friend, Ashley.

I was always the shy kid (Still am!) and I've always struggled to make new friends. In seventh grade, I was awkward and very unsure of myself. When Ashley came to my school as a new student that year, I wasn't sure that I'd ever be really close with her, since I didn't have any really close friends. I was so wrong--and I'm so glad for that!

The trip to Alabama was to Huntsville, specifically the Space Camp there. It was a weekend trip in mid-fall where we could learn about the space program, get away from parents, and pretend to be astronauts. I was bunked with Ashley and only a couple of other girls, so, to be honest, I was a little nervous about rooming with the new girl. My memory is a bit fuzzy at this point--I think we had gotten together once before, but even still, I was nervous.

Well, I shouldn't have worried. Ashley and I just clicked. We spent most of the weekend together, and giggled the night away just chatting about all sorts of random things. I can't even remember what we talked about now--but I'm so glad I was able to get over that initial nervousness. Of course, it helps that Ashley is such a friendly and warm person! It was at that moment we were inseparable--we began Our Story, played MASH, dreamed about our future families and kitties, etc.

We haven't lived in the same place since 7th grade, but it was that moment in Alabama that solidified our friendship, and I'm eternally blessed to have been there.


At 6:53 AM, Blogger Ashley said...

Yay I'm commenting!

Thanks so much for your sweet post. :-) Ah, space camp... Remember giggling about how the bathrooms were called "Waste Management"? I didn't realize you were shy to be rooming with the "new kid". Hehe I'm glad it was such a great experience!

I miss you!!


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