Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Quilts I've Finished

I was thinking about this today--I've never posted picture of my quilts! Here are my latest two projects. The first is one that I made for my sister, Julie. (That's my other sister Lauren in the picture.) This one took forever, since it was my first that I hand-quilted the layers together. Plus, the thick batting made it even more difficult to stitch. It's more modern than most, but my punk rock sister loves it! And I love it, too.

The other quilt is the one I just finished for Ashley as a wedding gift. (I'm sure she's too busy to read this! Hopefully she opens the gift before reading my blog.) It's actually the same pattern as the other, but the colors give it a much girlier look. It's smaller and was way easier to hand-quilt. It'll be a perfect throw for the happy couple! I just hope they like it!

Okay, so that's enough of my babies. Next up is Quilt #4, (Ashley's was the 3rd I've ever finished) which is the One for My Dad--eventually I'll get it done!


At 3:39 PM, Blogger Ashley said...

I LOVE it!!! thank you soo much. :-) And I loved seeing you!!


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