Thursday, February 09, 2006

Conquering stage fright

This will be short, since I always have so much trouble putting into words all the frustration I feel. Sometimes I just get stuck in my head when I'm around people. Like I'm tripping up or something. I get so scared to approach someone, that I worry and worry and worry and I don't end up talking to that person like I should.

The other day, I was approached by one of the nurses concerning my patient consenting. She told me I had to talk to the doctor about when the best time for me to talk to patients would be. (I guess they don't like me going at the beginning of the patient's appointment).

To be honest, I'm scared of the doctors. Like they'll look at me and say, "Leave me alone, my time is much more valuable than yours." I don't want to approach them and annoy them. I've been thinking about this for three days and it won't get out of my head! I still need to talk to the doctor. Maybe next week . . .


At 5:49 AM, Anonymous Ashley said...

I can understand to a certain extent. I am terrified to talk to people I don't know. I would much rather send an email than pick up the phone. Once I've gotten used to talking to someone (like some of my repeat customers), I'm fine. But I'm always scared of them yelling at me and then I just quickly get out of the conversation and hang up... without getting information I need! Then I need to call them back.

I wish I could help you out here! I guess maybe in the case of the doctor tell yourself, "I am a part of this institution and if the doctor is annoyed for me doing my job, that's his problem." It's not like you're some little kid wanting a lollipop! Be professional, concise, and get what you need without beating around the bush. There's no way he can rightfully be annoyed at that!


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